Expert care for you and your new baby.

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A new baby can be overwhelming for any family, whether it’s your first child or your fifth.

As a professional newborn care specialist (also known as a maternity practitioner or night nanny) my job is to support you through this extraordinary time. I’m here to empower you by providing practical help, sharing specialised knowledge, and being a mentor to you as you navigate life with your new baby.

I can help you with:

  • preparing for the baby’s arrival
  • routines
  • sleep, soothing and settling
  • breastfeeding and formula feeding
  • education on nutrition, hygiene, safety and baby care
  • your wellbeing after the birth.

See a list of services.

I am currently based in Melbourne but am available for maternity contracts worldwide, get in touch.

Newborn baby resting in carers hands

“Melinda was not only very experienced as a newborn care specialist but also had a lot of firsthand knowledge, being a mother of five herself.”

— Natalya



Available worldwide. Travel costs may apply.
Baby shopping prep session

What do you really need to buy for your baby and what can you do without?

I’ll work with you on a shopping list that’s tailored to your family’s needs, lifestyle and budget.

$200 (AUD)

Baby basics session

How to look after your newborn baby and what to expect when you come home from hospital.

You’ll learn about:

  • swaddling, changing nappies and bathing
  • newborn sleep, soothing and settling
  • baby safety, including safe sleeping
  • breastfeeding, bottle feeding and burping.

$325 (AUD) 
2 hour session

Night and day newborn care respite packages

Comprehensive postnatal support when you need it: daytime, nighttime, or right round the clock.


  • help with nighttime feeds
  • breastfeeding and formula-feeding advice
  • baby care basics
  • soothing and settling techniques
  • help establishing your routine
  • support for you and your partner

$60 (AUD) per hour

Deluxe respite packages

From preparing for your baby’s arrival to settling in at home,
a complete suite of support services for first-time parents.


  • baby shopping prep session
  • baby basics session
  • 180 hours of postnatal care per month (5 nights a week)
  • text and phone support

$11,000  (AUD)
(Includes 180 hours)

24 hour postnatal care

Comprehensive, 24-hour postnatal/night nanny support.


  • help with nighttime feeds
  • breastfeeding and formula-feeding advice
  • baby care basics
  • soothing and settling techniques
  • help establishing your routine
  • support for you and your partner
Bespoke packages

Every family is different. Get in touch and we can design a set of services especially for you.

“Melinda has exceptional skills. She supported my family after the birth of my second child, working with us three to five nights a week. I had previously engaged two highly experienced and sought-after maternity nurses in New York City when my first baby was a newborn, so I’m able to say with confidence that Melinda is amazing and without equal!”

— Laura

My name is Melinda Hunt and I am a qualified newborn care specialist.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and have been based in Hong Kong for over a decade. When my husband and I first arrived in Hong Kong – with five children including premature twin babies – I was faced with the demands of living without family nearby.

Since then, I’ve helped women in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, China and the USA, working as a newborn care specialist and advising on all aspects of baby care.

The families I work with are busy and really need mentorship and hands-on support from someone knowledgeable and experienced.
My role encompasses that of a breastfeeding counselor, formula feeding advisor, baby sleep consultant, time manager, mentor, parenting coach and friend!

You can read articles I’ve written about birth and babies online at Expat Magazine.
Portrait of Melinda Hunt, newborn care specialist
BA (Monash University); qualified newborn care specialist, IAIM baby massage instructor, and Dr Harvey Karp instructor; CPR trained and certified

“She is very supportive and sensitive to the joys and challenges that new parents face. As a Mother who was determined to breastfeed I also appreciated the incredible support, advice and encouragement that Melinda offered me.”

— Cathy
Baby holding hands

“Melinda brings a feeling of Zen when she arrives in the home — priceless to an exhausted new mother. She is up to date on the latest research on newborn routines and therefore her methods are both anecdotal and science based.”

— Lucia