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Maternity Concierge and post natal care support.

Post natal care specialist.

Night Nurse services.



List of services:

Maternity Concierge services
HKD$850 per hour  (travel costs may apply)

Melinda's maternity concierge service offers a comprehensive list of services to help parents navigate the first year. From personal shopping, nursery decoration and provisioning, baby basics education sessions, helper training, preparation of  baby prep lists, breastfeeding support, photography and party planning.

Night Nurse/Postnatal care services
HKD$300 - $350 per hour  (travel costs may apply)

• assistance with night time feeds
• breast feeding and formula feeding advice
• teaching parents settling and soothing techniques.
• basic baby care education for parents
• help with establishing an individual routine
• parental support
• helper training in basic baby care.
Consultations available
HKD$850 per hour  (travel costs may apply)
Services include , but not limited to:
• Shopping for baby's nursery, provisions and organisation.
• Breastfeeding basics and support.
• Newborn sleep and routines.
• Settling and soothing methods(includes a Happiest Baby on the Block DVD by Dr Harvey Karp
Phone Consultations
HKD$550 per 45 minute consultation
A phone consultation can help parents address such issues as newborn sleep, feeding and settling concerns. Receiving some reassurance, encouragement  and recommendations can greatly assist tired and  frazzled parents.
Whatsapp Melinda on 5177 7240 to book a consult.
Baby Basics Session
HKD$850 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
The Session is 2 hours but can extend  depending on your personal requirements. (travel costs may apply)
• A private session teaching new parents how to look after their newborn baby and what to expect when they come home from hospital. Covering swaddling, changing nappies, bath time, newborn sleep, breastfeeding basics, burping techniques, bottle sterilising, SIDS, settling and soothing techniques. The session also covers newborn safety and includes a baby item shopping list and what to prepare for hospital.


24 hour Maternity nursing
HKD$5500 - 6000 per day (conditions apply)

Helper training session in New born Care
HKD$850 per hour (minimum 3 hours)
The Session is 3 hours but can extend  depending on your personal requirements.(travel costs may apply)

    A private session teaching your helper how to look after your newborn baby and what to expect when they come home from hospital. Covering swaddling, changing nappies, bath time, newborn sleep, breastfeeding basics, burping techniques, bottle sterilising, SIDS, settling and soothing techniques. The session also covers newborn safety. It will include handouts

Baby item prep session
HKD$950 per hour

    This session is especially handy for first time parents wanting to sort through all the baby essential and non essential items. This includes a bespoke shopping list according to your requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Baby Massage Classes
Private 5 week baby massage course

    Touch is the first sense to develop in the utero.  Learn the ancient art of baby massage that promotes parental bonding and provides a loving and nurturing touch for your baby.  The health benefits for you and your baby are tremendous.  The one on one time with your baby is very special.  This is a 5 week course.

Deluxe Night Nurse Package:

    First time parents night nursing,
baby basics and maternity concierge package.

Cost: HKD$59,950


• 180 hours night nursing per month (5 nights a week)

• Baby Basics session.

• Baby item Prep session.

• Helper training session.

• Text and phone support.

• Happiest baby on the block DVD by Dr Harvey Karp.

• Breastfeeding DVD by Dr Newman .



"We are really grateful for everything Melinda has done for us and for all her guidance in becoming happy, calm and confident parents, and we wholeheartedly recommend her as a maternity nurse."

 NW Hong Kong


"Melinda has exceptional skills as a maternity nurse. She supported my family after the birth of my second child in April 2012, working with us 3-5 nights a week. I had previously engaged two different highly experienced and sought-after maternity nurses when my first baby was a newborn (in New York City), so am able to say with confidence and direct comparison that Melinda is amazing and without equal!"

 LC Hong Kong


What can a Maternity Nurse offer me?

I think as parents living in Hong Kong, we would collectively agree the immense benefits in being able to procure home help in the form of maids and helpers.

Our helpers, in many cases become part of the family and interwoven into our busy lives.  They are indeed embedded within the Hong Kong culture for which many of us are forever grateful.

However sometimes families require more specialised help and expertise when a new baby/babies arrive.  In particular, expats living away from precious family members want that extra reassurance and support.

Having a baby can be stressful for the whole family unit and even the helpers get frazzled!  It is in this particular situation where a trained Post Natal Carer otherwise known as a Maternity nurse, maybe the answer.

A Post Natal Carer/Maternity Nurse is a non-medical nurse trained in many facets of Post Natal care for both Mother and baby. They are  Post Natal educators.  They can advise on sleep routines, soothing and settling methods, breastfeeding, formula feeding, nutrition, hygiene, safety proofing and give general advice on baby care and looking after yourself post birth.

The role could also involve training new parents and helpers in baby care within the home.  Sometimes parents want a Maternity Nurse only for the night feeds so as they can catch up on sleep and get into a good routine.  In many cases its a matter of establishing a routine before Mum goes back to work.


In some scenarios, new Mothers are simply not coping with their new role.  Often this is due to hormonal changes, extreme exhaustion and other family responsibilities (siblings).  A Maternity Nurse can step in and take the pressure off.

As a Maternity Nurse, it is vital to look for signs of Post Natal Depression and address it without delay.  According to Murcoff’s “What to expect the first year”, 60-80% of women suffer from baby blues within the first week.  Asking for help or planning ahead to employ a Maternity Nurse can alleviate a lot of pressures.

Without a doubt, having a baby whether its your first or fifth is often overwhelming.  Each pregnancy and birth experience is different and we need to recognize this.  Many of us, myself included are tempted to view ourselves as superwoman and are reluctant to seek help.  If you think you are not coping with the new arrival or know in advance you want some specialised help please contact me at

In essence a Maternity Nurse is there to make your life easier, offer support, instil knowledge and empower parents by providing a stable support system and knowledge base to draw from. The basic tools in Post Natal care.

As a Maternity Nurse I expect my role to encompass that of a breastfeeding advisor, formula feeding advisor, sleep trainer, routine facilitator, baby care educator, time manager, social worker and friend!  While we can’t wave a magic wand and make all problems disappear, we can make a difference.  A Maternity Nurse may well be an invaluable resource you want to consider in the future.

Melinda Hunt.

Melinda Hunt BA, DPNC, IAIM certified instructor. maternity nurse and founder of Melinda Maternity. Melinda Jurecka

Melinda Hunt

BA (Monash) , DPNC (Nest UK), IAIM certified instructor.

About Melinda Maternity

My name is Melinda Hunt and I am a qualified postnatal carer/night nurse. I also offer a Hong Kong based baby prepping and concierge service. I have lived in Hong Kong for the past 9 years after moving from Melbourne, Australia. I have 5 children (including identical twins) ranging in age from 10-21 years old. I have worked as a Post Natal Carer in private homes across Hong Kong, where I have helped new parents with night feeds, advised on breast feeding and formula feeding, sleep routines, soothing and settling methods and general baby care education and support.

I am both a trained instructor in 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' method and an IAIM trained baby massage instructor.

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How the baby planning/prepping/concierge service came to be
As a Post Natal Carer, expectant parents would often book me early in the pregnancy in preparation for their baby’s arrival. Inevitably this would give us time to connect and develop a close rapport. Many were juggling careers or were expats without family support, something I could relate to as I had arrived in Hong Kong with premature twins and 3 other children. Others were mothers on bed rest or first-time parents trying to navigate their way through a vast amount of baby services, products and conflicting information. Often parents would ask me about baby essentials and prep lists. They were also interested in what products were the most popular, essential and useful in Hong Kong. Because of my work as a maternity nurse I was privy to a lot of this data. I soon realized that if I could help new parents process and sort through all this information by doing most of the legwork and sharing this it would then  allow them to be able to enjoy the pregnancy more and transition into parenthood prepared, with all the knowledge and available choices. This would enable them to focus on the exciting journey ahead. This is how Melinda Maternity baby planning and concierge services evolved.
"We really valued the fact that Melinda was not only very experienced as a maternity nurse but had a lot of first hand knowledge being a mother of five herself."
NW Hong Kong



Due to the nature of the work I can be booked well in advance and for big chunks of time, please check with me and book early to guarantee availability.     Thanks


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, enquiries or requests

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